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Q. Hathaway And Associates, LLC

Overview Of Organization

Q. Hathaway & Associates, LLC is a woman and minority owned professional services organization based in metropolitan Little Rock, Arkansas. Q. Hathaway & Associates, LLC is dedicated to collaborating with businesses, both public and private, complete their mission and vision through professional support. Our mission is to “Empower and inspire a generation.”


In 2015, we began as a publishing company under the name, “Q. Hathaway Hervey Publishing Company, LLC.” We provide print and digital content for a variety of genres. The company offers a range of author solutions such as professional book editing, cover design, enhanced distribution, and marketing and promotional assistance. All published works are registered with the United States Copyright Office and the Library of Congress and contain International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN). Although the name has changed, the work remains. We continue to produce high quality published content for individuals and academic entities.


In December 2018, we broadened the focus of the organization and transitioned to consulting. That venue allowed us to have a greater impact the quality of education in American schools. 

Our Services

  • Teaching And Instructional Services (PreK-Higher Education)

  • Professional Development And Training

  • Strategic Planning Services

  • Advisory Services (Educational And Political)

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Administrative Management And General Management Consulting Services

  • Marketing Consulting Services

  • Recruitment And Retention

  • Educational Services

  • Individualized Coaching

  • School Operations And Management Services

  • Not-For-Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops And Etc.

  • In-Service Training (For Employees)

Our Vision

We are devoted to improving the lives of the most vulnerable in society, our children. We seek to bring strategic, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals to school districts across the South and Midwest. Our vision is to make major strides, pull a people out of poverty, provide transformative solutions which aid schools, districts, and post-secondary education institutions to thrive academically. 


Measuring Success

We have a team of educators that have systematically brought about double-digit academic gains in all core subjects through reliable evidence-based instructional methodologies and practices. Consultants have served in low income, underrepresented, urban, rural, suburban, and higher education.

  • When we start a contractual partnership, we collect, organize, and disaggregate the data as a baseline.

  • We create a plan with the stakeholders and prioritize goals.

  • The state accountability system and legislation are employed and monitored.

  • We apply individualized strategies, interventions, and supports to transform an organization.

  • We provide interim quarterly reports to our partner as a measuring rod of our gains and success.

  • We evaluate student pre- and post- classroom assessments.

  • We review the implementation of our strategies with the educators and school site administrators.

  • We collect, organize, and disaggregate benchmark assessment data; as well as state high stakes testing data that is given to our educational partner over the summer.

  • We utilize our activity logs and observation reporting to streamline the amount of time we spend with specific educators and administrators.

Our Accomplishments

  • In 2018, we launched a new venture to aid low performing school districts in the South And Midwest

  • We have crafted public policy positions utilizing our professional blog platform

  • We have built an elaborate international network of over 1,600 political, social, and educational leaders

  • In June 2018, we were featured in the “African American Voices newsletter for stance taken on Libyan slavery crisis 


Our Target Demographic

The American educational system has a rich history and a narrative of perseverance. Our greatest work is demonstrated in schools, districts, and state educational entities which are on the cusp of becoming world class. Our duty is to be an integral part of our country’s growth and sustainable development. By forming this partnership, we can empower educators, leaders, students, and families to raise achievement and shrink the opportunity gap. Preferably, the organization seeks to work in districts that are or about to classified as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), Targeted School Improvement (TSI), and low performing.  

Our Focus

Solutions For K-12 and Higher Education

Provide high yield and data-driven solutions to schools, districts,  statewide educational leaders, and higher education institutions


Lesson Planning And Curriculum Development

Assist teachers with designing lesson plans to meet the students’ academic and linguistic needs

Utilizing research-based and high yield instructional strategies and content

Developing and improving curriculums

Culturally Responsive Education

Assist teachers with building background knowledge in diverse learners

Assist teachers with instructional strategies and lesson delivery in a language diverse classroom

Assessment Tools And Student Progress

Assist teachers with developing formal and informal assessment

Assessment formulation using NAEP, ACT, SAT, and other state and national assessment style questions and responses

Restructuring English Language Learners And Special Education

We assist teachers with planning student interaction to promote use of academic language and increase comprehension among English Language Learning (ELL) and special education students

  • Identify the components and features of the use of sheltered English instruction

  • Incorporate sheltered instruction into lesson planning

  • Implementing World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Consortium Standards

Transforming School Climate And Culture

We employ evidence-based and research-based strategies to transform school and district climate and culture

  • Strategies to improve school communication among faculty, staff, and administration

  • Evaluating surveys and implementing change

  • Establishing a system of rewards

  • Community perception

  • School and district marketing campaign

  • Alumni success stories and identify existing alumni efforts

Instructional Leadership

Data and research driven strategies to address the ever-expanding role of the building and district level administrator as an instructional leader and classroom educator

New Teacher Development and Capacity Building

We will follow a pathway to place novice educators on the road to success. Teachers are aligned with peer coaches and mentors; as well as engagement with reflective practices and approaches to remain in the field. Insight is given to provide catalysts for professional development and discuss barriers to educator retention. 

  • Assist teachers with designing lesson plans to meet the students’ academic and linguistic needs.

  • Educators will be trained using Charlotte Danielson Teaching, Learning, And Administrative Models

  • Novice teachers will be trained and mentored by distinguished current and former classroom educators.

  • Educators will be given the necessary tools to pass state and national teaching certification assessments in order to receive full teaching licensure.

  • Beginning teachers will apply powerful techniques by using evidence to help improve their pedagogical practice

  • The mentor will collaborate with the beginning teacher in both observations and inquiries to build capacity and remain in the educational field

  • Implement components of the “Introduction to the PATHWISE Framework Induction Program”

  • We will identify challenging areas within the school and further develop teacher strength areas, content knowledge, and other components of professional practice

Parent And Family Education

We collaborate closely with students and families to identify milestone information, issues and specific pathways for young learners as they transition from high school to two and/or four-year colleges and universities.  We advise students, parents, and families successfully through the admission application, financial aid processes and other nuances of the higher education experience.


  • Support parents, guardians, students and their families in their quest for their preferred schools or colleges.

  • Our thorough process analysis, we encourage students to seek a challenging and personally satisfying direction in their educational and career pursuits. 

  • Promote the benefits of adult education and continuous education efforts for parents, community sustainability and vitality

  • Ongoing efforts and approaches to improve parenting and strengthen families

  • Utilize research-based and meta-analysis strategies to conduct parent and family education, workshops, training, and etc.

Instructional Delivery

Our professional development equips educators, instructional coaches, and leaders with tools needed to prepare their students for state-mandated tests, high school completion, and post-secondary education.

This area of focus will be addressed with teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators through professional development and training:

  • We deliver the district and state curriculums using effective proven strategies.

  • We are experts in the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), and the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS).

  • We receive regular updates from the United States Department of Education and the state departments of education on educational policy and news

  • Ongoing measurement of student achievement gains

  • Employ empirical and quantitatively based methodologies and professional development sessions

  • Use the following journal article to identify key SIOP vocabulary terminology.

Kareva, V., & Echevarria, J. (2013, October). Using the SIOP Model for Effective Content Teaching with Second and Foreign Language Learners. Journal of Education and Training Studies, 1(2), 239-248.

  • We ensure that the teachers understand and are utilizing evidence-based instructional resources in their classrooms and the resources to meet learning goals


Instructional Coaching

This area of focus addresses educators and instructional coaches by:

  • Model lessons and align instruction with curriculum to meet the needs of all students for teachers.

  • Provide support to teachers using evidence-based coaching models

  • Effectively use coaching protocols to provide meaningful feedback to teachers.

  • Participate in data meetings and assist in developing instructional next steps for teachers.

  • Conduct building-level professional development for instructional coaches and faculty members.

Content Area Support

Guiding and assisting the teachers in establishing and maintaining short-term and long-range goals as they relate to construction of lesson plans and assessments that are most impactful on student growth and achievement.

  • We have a research-based lesson plan template which includes the latest trends and instructional strategies and methodologies in education. We conduct ongoing training and workshops over the template as well as individualized training sessions. Based on our observation, a short-term goal for educators is typically three professional development sessions.

  • Educators will utilize our “Detailed Lesson Plan Template” to construct lesson plans for instruction.

  • We conduct regular program evaluations and coordinate with educators and administrators to determine mastery of standards: as well as, training and employing several strategies and models

  • Plan and implement comprehensive workshops to enhance the academic success of our services with a focus on lesson planning and rigor related to the overall curriculum

  • Provide oversight and direction for faculty and administrators on best instructional practices which are relevant and based on current educational trends

  • Emphasis in vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency

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