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America and Its Immigration

Since nearly the dawn of time, people have moved from region to region for purposes of: food, shelter, gainful employment, need for safety and security, to escape genocide, and other push and pull factors. America has been a place for people to come for those same reasons. America’s current population is 317 million and growing by the minute. It is projected by 2050 that the population could be over 435 million. With this has come a mixture of language, lifestyles, religious beliefs, and etcetera.

But, America has had growing pains when it comes to those changes. The Native Americans, the indigenous people, originally bore the inequality brunt.

Key Timeline to Remember:

1790 Naturalization Act (Exclusion of Asians/Restricts Naturalized Citizenship to Whites)

1865 13th Amendment-Abolishment of Slavery and Conditions of Servitude

1868 14th Amendment-U.S. Citizenship For Naturalized and Native-Born Individuals (Exclusion of Native Americans)

1924 Indian Citizenship Act-Native Americans Granted U.S. Citizenship

1935 California Statutes State Mexican Americans Are Foreign-Born Indians

1952 Immigration and Nationality Act (Codified and Unified the Immigration Department/Upheld Quota System)

1965 Voting Rights Act And Full Citizenship For All Individuals

1965 Immigration Act (Ending Discrimination Against Asians/Multilingual Ballots)

And, this timeline is easily able to be expanded.

Cultural differences were exacerbated into racial differences. The most powerful way to reduce a people is to change their thought processes through education, to make their culture seem inferior, denying that they are even human, chattel slavery, and leave a psychological scar that shows many generations afterward. The baseline for this is due to the fact people are in the Americas by one of three ways: the natives, forced laborers (slavery), or being voluntary migratory.

The concept of immigration has and is going to continue to be an arduous task. It takes this nation a long time to enact socially-centered laws. Today is just a snapshot of what the future will look like. It is up to the elected officials to legislate in such a way to increase economic empowerment. The immigration laws should suit new immigrants to this country and its current populous. If we choose to do nothing, America will lose its global economic status. The nation has to come up with creative innovative ways to build up the economy to promote changes. America must state and restate and execute a cutting edge vision for the world to follow.

America must lead the charge and model what the best method for immigration ought to be. It is going to take politicians collaborating and putting aside egos. It is going to take the willingness to deal with political backlash. It is going to take integrity. America must not only manage immigration, but transcend immigration.

America has to lift all boats for the high skilled, high technological economy in order to remain viable and a global leader. It is time for the nation to deal with its immigration status: Acceptance.

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