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We can not walk, stand, sit, or assembly with everyone. Would the executive order been signed without them being present? Was their attendance based on them having a speaking seat at the table? Was it out psychological fear of backlash if they chose not attending? Was their attendance strategic? Was their meeting intended to further the mission of Historical Black Colleges and Universities?

Let's pose the question, "If most members of the Congressional Black Caucus boycotted his inauguration, why did the HBCU presidents meet with him?" We must pay attention! Most African American professionals come out of these institutions. Collectively, our heritages are too rich to have them tainted. He is trying to rip away at the fabric of one of OUR oldest, strongest, socioeconomically mobilizing institutions; the Black Academy. Perspective students, current students, and alumni are inflamed by having THEIR president pictured with him. Their actions may have a direct financial impact on our institutions; some of which are struggling with funding and retention dilemmas.


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