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Take Some Pages Out Of The Civil Rights Movement Playbook

1. Secret meetings in homes 2. Meetings in houses of worship 3. Mass voter registration 4. Seek out a team of civil rights attorneys. (Ensure that they are compensated well enough so that they can do the WORK for the community.) 5. Create a message that the youth can rally behind. (They will ultimately be the face of the movement and on the front lines.) 6. Listen to the wisdom of the elders. Build a consensus which they are willing to fight for. 7. Generate economic resources, capital. 8. Be prepared for the resistence. 9. Public relations. Get tangible, realistic control the message: website, emails, newspapers, and other correspondences. 10. Create buy-in within targeted industries. (i.e.-sports, music, literature, television, and film) 11. Recruit and retain community organizers and protesters in each major city and small town. 12. Form a group that is willing to make calls, send emails, and pass out materials. 13. Increase the number of entrepreneurs. 14. Have the tough conversations in our homes about fixing and sustaining the family. Then, do the work. This is just a START!

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