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"These Are Our Hours"

These are our hours in time. Time to either live and thrive or exist and stive.

These are our hours to promote the progression of a race amid terror and still land flat on its feet and have accessions.

These are our hours to operate as a collective and not compromise on conviction.

These are our hours to make the world over again, establish a new order.

These are our hours to be fixed and demonstrate fluidity at the same time.

Fixed to the point that we exemplify for all things moral, all things ethical, all things successive, all things foundational and life giving; and have fluidity enough to change our condition.

Fluidity to transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows.

Fluidity to light up a path for our family and community that blazes beyond the twenty-second century.

These are our hours to reflect on one's greatness and investigate the contributions by the African Diaspora.

These are our hours to push humanity to a higher plane.

These are our hours to navigate our lives and not wait for Washington to steer the ship.

These are our hours. These are our hours. These are our hours.

These. Are. Our. Hours.

Key Terminology And Concepts:

Stive. /staɪv/ transitive verb. To shut up in a warm close place, stifle, suffocate.

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Accession. /akˈseSHən/ noun. The attainment or acquisition of a position of rank or power, typically that of monarch or president.

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Conviction. /kənvɪkʃən/ noun. A strongly held belief or opinion.

Conviction. (2018). In Collins Dictionary. Retrieved from

Fluidity. /flo͞oˈidədē/ noun. The quality of being likely to change repeatedly and unexpectedly.

Fluidity. (2018). In Cambridge Dictionary. Retrieved from

Exemplify. /ig-ˈzem-plə-ˌfī/ verb. To serve as an example, embody.

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Successive. /səkˈsesiv/ Happening or existing one after another without a break.

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African Diaspora. /'afrəkən dīˈaspərə/ noun. The mass dispersal of persons of African ancestry that reside both on the continent and internationally. It consists of over one billion people worldwide. The era of the historical event is from 1500 to 1800 AD during the global Slave Trade, the most widespread deportation in human history.

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