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Poverty Has. Poverty Is. Poverty Leaves.

Poverty has a macabre face.

There must be a makeover and repair.

Poverty has norms and values.

We must stand on stronger principles.

Poverty is psychological.

There must be a change in behavior and attitude; which should occur from the top down, the bottom up, and everything in between.

Poverty has a long history.

Its narrative must be revised.

Scholars must reinterpret it and new evidence must be gathered.

We must use the past as a road map and predict different outcomes.

Poverty is political.

Legislation alone cannot change it.

One must recognize that everyone has the power to impact the political system.

One must engage, and throw off the shackles of cynicism.

Poverty has a language.

We must study its linguistics.

We must become multilingual.

We must speak: “street,” “affluence,” “figuratively,” “literally,” “idioms,” and “espionage.”

Poverty has a social perspective.

One must see herself and himself as a part of the human family.

There must be a change in behavior, a change in the social forces, and a change in how we experience one another.

Poverty has power.

It must become impotent.

We must create enough outrage about it; that it loses its sting.

Poverty is a menace.

It must be meticulously removed and exterminated.

Poverty has crippled communities.

We must create a strong body politic.

Poverty is silent and outspoken simultaneously.

One must become a whistle blower for economic progress and upward social mobility.

Poverty has a stench.

One must find the root cause of it and eradicate it from within.

We must do more than deodorize it.

We must banish it.

Poverty leaves wounds.

It must be healed and leave no scars.

Poverty leaves a taste in mouths.

Cleanse one’s palate.

Savor on “success,” “abundance,” “wealth,” and “luxury.”

Poverty has an architect.

One must build something that has never been built before.

We must make the world over again.

Poverty has an edifice.

It must be deconstructed.

One must change those deep seated beliefs and challenge the conventional.

Poverty has a backbone.

It has to be severed, and a new skeleton must grow.

Poverty seeks to be timeless. It is up to the living to give it a deadline, and the unborn must ensure that it is never seen in their lifetime.

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