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Comprehensive Voting Reform Proposals

Voting rights is the most fundamental ingredient in democratic societies. Whereas, in the United States of America it is an age old issue that is one of the most contested and controversial.

The outcomes of elections determine citizenship, freedom, majority and minority status, and matters of national security, healthcare, and overall quality of life. Citizens and American inhabitants ought have the right to be cynical about voting. In part, the frustration comes from six presidential elections not going in the favor of the popular vote. But, the citizenry have to take control of the voting reform process.

The politically aware must increase engagement and the unaware have to engage in voting and voter turnout. Because, if voting was not important men and women that sit in city councils, state capital buildings, and Capitol Hill; would not fight so aggressively to suppress suffrage rights. If it were not important, there would not have been a Civil War. If it were not important, the ancestors would have been given suffrage when the United States Constitution was written. If it were not important, it would not have been gradual for non-white males to gain access to the ballot box. If it were not important, legal action would not be taking place to protect it. If it were not important, it would easily be expanded.

Youth Political Engagement

Each School District/School Implement The National Student Mock Election Or Similar Program

Automatic Voter Registration At Age 18

States Have The Option To Authorize 16 Year Olds To Vote

Overturn Citizens United/Campaign Finance Reform

Legislatively Readdress Citizens United Case

Drastically Reduce Corporate Funding In All Local, State, And Federal Elections

Lower The Cap On Corporate Donations In All Elections

Voting Rights Act

Reinstate All Portions Of The Voting Rights Act

Monitor Elections In All States

Investigate Voter Disenfranchisement And Oversight In All States

Criminal Re-Enfranchisement

Felons Suffrage

Incarcerated Individuals Suffrage Via Absentee Ballot

Polling Places/Precincts

Wait A Minimum Of 5 Years Before Purging Someone From The Voting Rolls

Open Polling Places At Pre-2012 Sites

Open Early Voting Polls The Sunday Prior To The Election

Increase The Number Of Precincts In Dense Populations

Subsidized Or Free Public Transit To Polling Places On Election Day

The Electoral College

Abolish Electoral College


Innovate And/Or Create Backup System

Increase Cyber Security Of Voting Machines

Increase Testing Of Voting Software

Foreign Involvement In Elections

Increase Foreign Collaboration To Address Issues Of Cyber Security

Execute Both Economic And Diplomatic Sanctions On Nations That Hack And/Or Interrupt Elections

Voter Identification

Subsidized Identification Fees When Used For Voting Purposes

Utilize Any Photo Identification For Voting

Voter May Use Any Photo Identification To Cast Provisional Ballot

The Absentee Ballot

Hospitalized Voters Receive An Absentee Ballot

No Excuse To Receive An Absentee Ballot

Voter Registration, Early and Election Day Voting

Election Day Voter Registration and Updating

Election Day Voting Hours (Minimum 7am-7pm)

Online Voter Registration

Early Voting 3 Week Minimum

Vote By Mail In Remote Areas


Draw District Boundaries Using Geographical And Methodical Measures

Eliminate Partisan Gerrymandering

Improve Voting Awareness

Conduct Media Driven Voter Registration Campaign

If the United States employs all of these measures, it will become a global leader in the implementation of the free and fair elections. It will set the standard for what suffrage looks like. The nation will demonstrate what full enfranchisement is in practice. The country will cast off years of discrimination in its voting practices. Therefore, America, lead the world anew and enact comprehensive voting reform.

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