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Prediction: Georgia 6th District Election

When some feel encroached upon, fifty million dollars on an election; they are losing power in the census, they may take drastic measures. That includes voting against their self-interest and personal finance for the sake of tradition and conservative values. There have been four special elections since he was installed. Three of them remained Republican, and tonight is a tossup. Other political commentators have made predictions about the upcoming midterms in 2018 that it will swing democratic. But, my mind does not fool me! Political trends, history, and book learning tells me that these are some different and strange times. Let us not be oblivious. During the 2016 General Election, he won the majority of whites in every category: high school educated, college educated, women, youth, seniors, and the like.

Also, turnout is higher during a presidential year than any other year. He won District 6 by two percent. I may have to eat my words, but the Republican opposition may win by a greater margin tonight.

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