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Responses To Georgia 6th District Election

*In the past few weeks, there has been conversation that Ossoff does not live in District 6. I must inform everyone that in order for him to run for the seat, his physical address and primary residence must be in the district. Therefore, the only way for anyone to know that he was not lying his head in the district at night, he was being surveillanced and someone reported it. There is an agenda of the Republicans to maintain power at all costs.

*I am so tired of hearing these overtones about age. The fact that Ossoff and anyone else that is under 40 being involved in the political arena is admirable, necessary, and altruistic. Ageism is ignorant! I do not care how you slice it. The youth, millennial contribute to this nation through blood and treasure just like any other demographic group. During ones youth (in the modern era) there is a tendency to be more liberal. The real fear is that this age group will posture itself as political force and nonconservative voters.

*Watch him and the Republican Party double down. Mark my words!

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