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Success and Persistence

There is a correlation between success and persistence. Each is motivators of the other. Success is what one deems to be the peak in their career or the height of their human experience. Whereas, persistence is the use of talent and intellect to continuously overcome obstacles in spite of the circumstances.

Some think of success as social status, job title, attaining wealth, and the like. Others see success as raising a strong family and being able to have self-sufficiency. Whatever one considers as success, it should cause one to have a more meaningful life. A life that is reflective of the very success one sought for.

In order to succeed, your desire to do so should be greater than the fear of failure. Success requires diligence and a strong work ethic to carry out different task. One must have the courage that even if success comes slowly or road blocks come; one must be willing to stand up, walk forward, and remember what the original objective was.

Persistence will force one to do so. One cannot hold back. Because, others have blazed a trail and went through far greater difficulty and still arrived at the destination one is seeking. Persistence alone will not get one there. It is going to take ambition, energy, and some tiresome nights to make one’s dream a reality.

Unless inherited socioeconomic success, one does not get to that status without striving and opportunity. If a strong family is one’s definition of success, then the leader or leaders must focus on each individual and the entire group dynamic. Families must communicate effectively and often restate the goals and vision that is set to progress forward.

Any level of success will come with barriers. These barriers will ultimately strengthen the individual or institution. Success will come with assessment and reassessment and collaboration by all working parts. Therefore, press on to one’s goal. Success and persistence are inseparably linked to one another.

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