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Quotes Of Life

Quotes on Education

“If you do not take the things you know and give them to someone else, your knowledge is in vain.”

“Do not be ignorant. There are too many books in the world.”

“Remember the names of all your teachers.”

“To teach is a civil and moral duty.”

“Once you have completed your education and put in years in your profession, walk down the street you grew up on.”

“Literacy is golden.”

Quotes on Love and Relationships

“You must love the essence of your spouse, because one day their beauty and mobility is going to fade.”

“Give one hundred percent to one individual, so that, you know the true strength and durability of your love; including finances and fidelity, but not limited to.”

Quotes on Human Experience and Connections

“Do not look down on people, in any situation, because that could have been you.”

“Family is all you have at the end of the day.”

“If it were not for others, I would not be able to stand, literally.”

‘Take something away from everyone you meet, because they have added something to you life.”

“Pictures and writings will outlive you.”

“Internalize Socrates’ quote, “Man know thyself.”

“Love your name.”

“Make time for self-reflection each day. You will gain wonderful insight.”

“There is more to life than child bearing and conception. Dream bigger and do more than that.”

“Do not have your name recorded in the history books for any cause; let it be a just and noble cause.”

"Some things are not meant to attain. What one puts at priority level another may view it as minuscule. Each individual has a path that will be followed and no one else can dictate lives or force their expectations."

“Whatever you want, as long as it is good and right, go for it and it is yours.”-Andrew Jackson Pride, my father

Greatness is not built overnight. It is a habitual lifelong journey of success all along the way. Strive for it and you will be it...GREAT!

Quotes on Spirituality

“Dream another dream.”

“Read all the religious holy books.”

"To have wisdom, foresight, great expectations, and acquired knowledge are given to certain individuals. A plan must be set, articulated to others, visualized, and executed, in order to be and do what your heart desires.”

“What have I done today to help someone be better than me?”

Quotes on Politics

“If you travail long enough it pays off in due season. We have put in the work since African slaves came to the American shores over 500 years ago. We see the fruits of our labor in Dr. Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.”

“It is a historic feat to be the first or the only. It is able to be verified and tested for reliability and accuracy. It is recorded in: primary and secondary sources, found on public records, there are eyewitness accounts, and the like. Documentation is a powerful piece of evidence to approve or dispel occurrences. Therefore, there is no reason to wonder what angle a historical revisionist may seek. One may mythicize to affirm their circumstances, but certification is not an anecdote. It is a hallmark.”

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others." ~Pericles

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