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Economic Effects of the Election

This election has economic effects, too. Watch the volatility of the global economy.

About The Candidates: There are more similarities between them than differences. One has foreign holdings that will likely increase if elected. The other has foreign entities influencing the political system through their foundation and limited liability corporations. Both have a history of secrecy. One has abused tax loopholes for financial gains. The other has verifiable and unverifiable documents that could put the nation in jeopardy. Both have thirty plus years of life in the political arena. One did it through traditional political means. The other achieved it through the private sector. Politics is a business, and business is about politics. Both are saturated in the idea of entitlement. One senses it through promotional positions and stature. The other has it through privilege. Both are wealthy and have been so for a very long time.

The competitive two party system has narrowed our thinking and hijacked our political power. In this country, a third party candidate nor a write-in candidate has won the presidency. Therefore, "We the People" must hold our noses or enthusiastically elect one of the candidates. And from November 8th onward, we must aggressively fight to take back our political sovereignty.

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