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Some If's

If the Democrats take back the House of Representatives in 2018, it is possible for 45 to be impeached. Meaning, they would need to gain 25 seats and retain their 193. Subsequently, if Democrats win the Senate in 2018 and attain 2/3 of the Senate and/or Republicans side with them to reach 2/3, there may be an impeachment.

If the American people raise their voices louder; via petition and other forms of activism, impeachment will occur.

What If All These People Were Implicated In The U.S.-Russian Election Collusion Or Other Amenable Acts? Then, Who Would Be The Presidential Successor? Here Is The Full Line Of Succession: Vice President Mike Pence Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Senate President Pro Tempore Orrin Hatch Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin Secretary of Defense James Mattis Attorney General Jeff Sessions Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly

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